The Smart Active Labels (SAL) Consortium is an international interest group, established in 2002, intended to promote and develop the use of smart active label technologies in a number of industries and to demonstrate new and improved solutions targeted at the specific needs described by end user participants. The objectives of the Consortium are:

  • to provide a platform for end users to inform suppliers of their needs
  • to provide a forum for suppliers to explain and demonstrate to end users the advances in technology
  • to enable the interested parties to pursue common standards
  • to encourage a basis on which industry-wide partnerships can be built, and technology can be advanced and developed according to end user requirements.

The fundamental principles on which the SAL Consortium is established are the following:

  • Smart active labels must be thin and flexible in nature, and low in cost to produce
  • The development of smart active label systems necessitates the participation of a number of technology suppliers, as well as vital inputs from end-users, and thus co-development projects between the members are encouraged
  • Competition is encouraged as positive force in developing the SAL market and is expected to enhance the final products for end-users
  • The Consortium aims to develop universal open (or semi-open, industry-specific) systems of SAL

Smart Active Labels (SAL) Consortium
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