The Smart Active Labels (SAL) Consortium is a non-profit international interest group, established in 2002, intended to develop the use of smart active label technologies in a number of industries and to demonstrate new and improved solutions targeted at the specific needs described by end users. Hailed as the next generation of RFID (radio frequency identification) systems, Smart Active Label (SAL) systems include thin and flexible labels that contain an integrated circuit and a power source, enabling superior performance and enhanced functionality over existing passive labels and reduced costs over existing active tags. The first smart active label systems are already on the market.

SAL systems provide a means of locating, tracking, and tracing assets or people across a number of industries. SAL-C addresses a number of emerging technologies, including RFID, sensors, displays, thin power sources, ICs, conductive inks, MEMS, and other printable microelectronic materials that are contributing to the development of smart active labels. SAL-C is currently developing a branding process. The goal of this process is to establish a true brand identity for Smart Active Labels. Users will recognize the SAL-C brand and know that a SAL-C branded technology meets a higher standard than traditional passive RFID.

SAL-C is dedicated to transforming the power of smart active labels into concrete business results.

Smart Active Labels (SAL) Consortium
Tel: +1 781-876-8833, Email: [email protected]

Slim Up, Shape Down
SAL-C white paper on printed power sources, embedded micro-electronics, and flexible circuits point to “disposable documentation”

November 14, 2005
SAL-C Takes Stand To Standardize Industry Terms: “Sensors” vs. Passive RFID Devices

August 1, 2005
SAL-C Drives ISO Extension to ISO RFID Standards

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